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  • Smart P5 for Business

  • Smart Social Media Marketing

  • Smart P5 for Real Estate Agents

  • Smart eCommerce

  • Smart Whiteboard Animation

  • Smart Power Point Presentation

  • Smart Seminars and Workshops

  • Smart Search Engine Optimization

  • Smart Database marketing

Smart Social Media Marketing


Smart Social We are  specializing in multichannel social media marketing solutions. When it comes to social media, our strategy is relatively simple: we use a selective number of social media tools to help you strengthen your brand and communicate with your customers, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and ROIs. The element of our strategy involves:


    • Increase conversions
    • Drive new organic traffic
    • Generate conversions from social networks
    • Reduce attainment costs


Find out how our social media marketing solutions can help you.

Smart P5 for Real Estate Agents


Power of 5 (P5) – Ultimate marketing solution
for Real Estate Agents

An integrated Website and Social Media Marketing tool designed to help Real Estate agents promote themselves in the market place.

P5 is essentially like having a full time digital Personal Assistant (PA) that helps build your business.

The P5 Marketing package includes the following resources to help you GROW your business.

P5 Solution

Our Service

Agent Real Estate Website

Domain name registration

Agent Facebook Fan Page

Website hosting

Agent YouTube Channel

Content Updates

Agent Twitter

Phone and Email Support

Agent Google+

Training – social media marketing

The P5 system will:

• Strengthening Your BRAND recognition in the   market place.
• PROMOTE you locally and globally using modern web applications.

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Smart eCommerce


The Complete Solution for eCommerce Success

Businesses need to do a lot of things well in order to compete effectively online. That’s why Smart Business Consultancy offers powerful, flexible features that address the full range of eCommerce needs.

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Smart Whiteboard Animation

Get an amazing whiteboard animation for your business.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fast Delivery
  • FullHD Delivery

 What is it?

Online whiteboard video animation is an innovative, creative way to engage potential customers. Whiteboard video reaches customers in a new way, allowing them to see an image in progress and learn about your idea or business simultaneously.

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Smart Powerpoint Presentation


Are you  in need of an effective power point presentation?

  • We have created hundreds of power point presentations and have the skill set to create whatever you need!


 We create and design dynamic, modern, professional, well written Power Point presentations that get positive results!!

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Smart Seminars and Workshops


Google Secrets

This 2 hours workshop will teach you easy-to-understand tactics and tools that will increase your website’s visibility on Google and leading search engines and achieve natural (organic) top ranking for your specific keywords.

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Social media marketing for Business

This 3 hours seminar covers the full range of concepts, skills and platforms required to unlock the PR power of social media to support your goals. You will learn to create an online strategy, engage on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, provoke multimedia buzz, optimise your online space for search, and excel in digital crisis communications.

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Smart Search Engine Marketing


Looking for management of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns? Smart Business experts manage and optimise search campaigns while focusing on leads and sales.

If you have existing search engine marketing campaigns, our team will audit your existing results and make recommendations for improving keywords, targeting, ad variations and account structure. Once the audit is complete we will work with you to check and implement the recommendations.

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Smart Database Marketing


Smart Business Database Marketing Solution integrates product/service/event marketing with state of the art email technology. With the powerful email communication suite reduce marketing cost and increase revenue.

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