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About Us

Smart Business Consultancy is a specialist in Website development and Social Media Marketing, we’ve developed our very own Social Media Marketing product called ”The Power of 5” for all business owners,

We provide a very professional and effective 24/7 Online Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation solution using ”The Power of 5” totally designed and developed for Companies to BRAND, Promote, Generate and Convert leads.

Over the last two years we have run many highly successful Social Media Marketing training courses throughout New Zealand. These have helped companies take full advantage of powerful new marketing media, leading to improved market penetration and increased sales.

Whether it’s finding your unique voice on social media, boosting your search page rankings, designing personal and business brands that stand for something really special… we will work with you to create a tailored strategy that helps you engage more effectively with your target audience.

At Smart Business Consultancy we offer a full range of services that can be customised and combined to suit your business objectives. Our creative and experienced team of marketing, web development and social media experts will work alongside you to:

  • - Identify the unique selling points of your business
  • -How to differentiate from your competitors
  • - Analyse the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies
  • - Boost your profile in the market place
  • - Develop the most cost and time-effective strategies to reach your target markets
  • - Motivate and support your whole team to achieve “exceptional” as “the new normal”


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